Flow Based Programming Resources

Websites Related to Flow-Based Programming (FBP) - The original FBP editor written by the authod of FBP - TCL discusssion on FBP. Some intersting thoughts - the open source StreamSets Data Collector helps create dataflow pipelines connecting a variety of batch and streaming data sources and compute platforms - Flow-Based Programming framework for Elixir!topic/flow-based-programming - FBP group

C++ Flow-Based Programming (FBP) Implementations

CppFBP - By FBP Inventor

MicroFlo - FBP library with a focus on micro-controllers

Java Flow-Based Programming (FBP) Implementations - NiFi - Java based data workflows

Javascript Flow-Based Programming (FBP) Implementations - Node-RED. An amazing tool, that works beautifully and deserves a spot by itself. Its extremely visual allowing you to conncet different nodes to each other and create very complex solutions. Initially used for IOT, but quickly gained popularity, and is used to solve various problems - web development, game development, online chats, bots, etc. NoFlo is a Flow-Based Programming environment for JavaScript. The logic is defined as a graph. The nodes of the graph are instances of NoFlo components, and the edges define the connections between them.

GoLang Flow-Based Programming (FBP) Iplementations - A tiny open source workflow engine written in Go (golang) - FBP in GoLang with no framework - Article on FBP on GoLang (2017) - Cascades. Language-agnostic Flow-based Programming (FBP) framework in Go - GoFlow. Most well-known and mature Go-based FBP library

h - Flowd. An inter-language runtime for flow-based programming (FBP) - SciPipe. Robust, flexible and resource-efficient pipelines using Go and the commandline - GoFlow. Flow-based and dataflow programming library for Go (golang). Last updated in 2021 - Slang is a visual flow-based programming language and programming system. It consists of the YAML-based Slang exchange format, the Slang daemon and the Slang UI.

PHP Flow-Based Programming (FBP) Implementations - PHP Flow Implementation - Flow based system that allows for a chain of nodes to be traversed by a dispatcher. - An attempt at FBP - ROPH is a lightweight flow-based PHP framework, which aims at simple, truely flexible.

Python Flow-Based Programming (FBP) Implementations - Python libraries for FBP

Rust Flow-Based Programming (FBP) Implementations - Fractalide. Rust based FBP

ETL (Extract Transform Load) - ETL open-source solution - Command line ETL

Video Resources -2017 Flow-Based Programming for JavaScript

Articles and Mentions

- - what is code based programming

Other Flow Based Programming or Similar Resources - Blockly. Developed to teach children to visually program. However it has been used in several serious projects successfully.