Wordpress to Laravel

Wordpress is great for starting and quickly prototyping websites. Once the website gets established though, Wordpress is not a good fit for multiple reasons. The main are that Wordpress is highly insecure, especially all the third party plugins.

Are you interested in moving to a secure platform. If you are, I have moved many websites away from Wordpress to Laravel.

Benefits from moving away from Wordpress:

- Great security. Laravel is extremely safe and secure platform.

- Speed increase. The usual speed increase is about 300%-500%. It does depend on the amount of plugins you have. In the worst Wordpress installation I moved the speed increase was 1000%

- Exact fit. Wordpress is very constrained in what it can do. Any changes that are required feel like a "hack". laravel allows the changes to be aplied exactly as per the client requirement.

Do you want to move away from Wordpress:

I can move your website away from Wordpress and to Laravel. I do fully host, backup and support all the websites. All you need to do is concentrate on your own business needs, not on the technical details of website support and development.

If you are interested let me know what you think and we can discuss further.