How to Install the IBM Cloud Functions on Linux Mint

Attempting to install the IBM Cloud Developer Tools on Linux Mint 19.2 (Tina) will throw an error like the one below.

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[main] --==[ IBM Cloud Developer Tools for Linux/MacOS - Installer, v1.2.3 ]==--
[main] WARN: Linux has only been tested on Ubuntu, RedHat, Centos, Debian and Fedora distrubutions please let us know if you use this utility on other Distros
[install] Starting Installation...
[install] Note: You may be prompted for your 'sudo' password during install.
[install_deps] ERROR: This script has not been updated for use with your linux distribution (Linux Mint 19.2 Tina) 

In any case none of this is making sense as Linux Mint is actually based on Ubuntu. Therefore anything that works on Ubuntu should pretty much automatically work on Linux Mint.

Solution. Do a Small Change to the IBM Cloud Developer Tools Installer

1) Download the installer

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2) Edit the installer and replace the line below to include Linux Mint.

if [[ "${DISTRO}" == *Ubuntu* || "${DISTRO}" == *Debian*]]; then
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if [[ "${DISTRO}" == *Ubuntu* || "${DISTRO}" == *Debian*  || "${DISTRO}" == *Mint* ]]; then

Execute the installer to complete the installation.

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bash idt-installer

Execute the following commands to complete the setup of the IBM Cloud Developer Tools.

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ibmcloud dev help
ibmcloud login
ibmcloud login -o ORGANISATION -s SPACE
ibmcloud wsk property get --auth

Hooray, you have successfully installed IBM Cloud Developer Tools on your Linux Mint OS.