Flow Based Programming Resources

Websites Related to Flow-Based Programming (FBP)

https://github.com/jpaulm/drawfbp - The original FBP editor written by the authod of FBP

https://wiki.tcl.tk/3452 - TCL discusssion on FBP. Some intersting thoughts

https://streamsets.com/products/sdc - the open source StreamSets Data Collector helps create dataflow pipelines connecting a variety of batch and streaming data sources and compute platforms

https://github.com/antonmi/flowex - Flow-Based Programming framework for Elixir



https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/flow-based-programming - FBP group

C++ Flow-Based Programming (FBP) Implementations

CppFBP - By FBP Inventor

MicroFlo - FBP library with a focus on micro-controllers

Java Flow-Based Programming (FBP) Implementations

https://nifi.apache.org/docs.html - NiFi

https://www.knime.com/getting-started - Java based data workflows

Javascript Flow-Based Programming (FBP) Implementations

https://noflojs.org/- JavaScript implementation

https://nodered.org/ - Node-RED

GoLang Flow-Based Programming (FBP) Iplementations


https://github.com/js-ojus/flow - A tiny open source workflow engine written in Go (golang)

https://appliedgo.net/flow2go/ - FBP in GoLang with no framework

https://appliedgo.net/flow/ - Article on FBP on GoLang (2017)

https://github.com/cascades-fbp/cascades - Cascades. Language-agnostic Flow-based Programming (FBP) framework in Go

https://github.com/baffelli/pyperator - GoFlow. Most well-known and mature Go-based FBP library

https://github.com/ERnsTL/flowd - Flowd. An inter-language runtime for flow-based programming (FBP)

PHP Flow-Based Programming (FBP) Implementations

https://github.com/phpflo/phpflo - PHP Flow Implementation

https://github.com/c-butcher/parcel-chain - Flow based system that allows for a chain of nodes to be traversed by a dispatcher.

https://github.com/c-butcher/Flow - An attempt at FBP

https://github.com/slawdan/ROPH - ROPH is a lightweight flow-based PHP framework, which aims at simple, truely flexible.

Python Flow-Based Programming (FBP) Implementations

https://wiki.python.org/moin/FlowBasedProgramming - Python libraries for FBP


Rust Flow-Based Programming (FBP) Implementations

https://github.com/fractalide/fractalide - Fractalide. Rust based FBP

ETL (Extract Transform Load)

https://www.singer.io/ - ETL open-source solution

https://www.getdbt.com/ - Command line ETL

Video Resources

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pf6SytVR2KU -2017 Flow-Based Programming for JavaScript