How to Create Dynamic Class in JavaScript

Here is a cool way to dynamially create a class in JavaScript:

function createDynamicClass(name, properties) {
    var obj = window[name] = function() {
        var self = this,
            args = [];
        args.forEach(function(arg, idx) {
            self[properties[idx]] = arg;
    properties.forEach(function(prop) {
        obj.prototype[prop] = null;

Example Usage

// define properties a "Hotel" class should have

var props = ['name', 'rooms', 'booked'];

// create a "Hotel" class

createDynamicClass("Hotel", props);

// create 3 "Hotel" with some properties missing to prove prototype

var hotels = [
    new Hotel("Hilton", 1000, 500),
    new Hotel("Best Western", 100),
    new Hotel("Motel 6")




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